Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Complex Sentences

WALT – Write Complex Sentences

A complex sentence has one main idea and at least one extra phrase or clause to give more information about the main point. For example  - The owl sat patiently on the branch while he searched for his prey.

The conjunctions we were using to build our complex sentences included: where, as, although, when, because, as though, since, until, before, after and so that. 

The colourful parrot flew into the tree so that she could protect her babies from predators. - Nuha

The wind blew up on the mountaintop as the sun was rising behind the clouds. - Eli

Hemish laughed loudly at the circus until tears started streaming down his face. - Priscilla

The cowboy rode a black horse through town as a storm approached. - Hemish

Espen and Jolui played on the basketball team until someone showed them how to play cricket. - Nuha

I often eat salad although I don’t like eating vegetables. – Samarah

Samarah rang the police although there was no crime to report. - Ansh


  1. I like how Priscilla and Eli's one because they are quite funny!!!!

    1. Good work at your complex sentences!!!