Friday, 31 July 2015


Congratulations to Kalani for raising the most money for the spellathon. All of Room 5 and Halsey Drive School are very proud of you and grateful for your outstanding fundraising.

Kalani with her prize an Ipod!

Globalisation Definition

WALT - Define Globalisation

Globalisation is how people and companies connect to the world in different ways. People share products, ideas, information and materials.

Globalisation affects the whole world as businesses grow and expand to all corners of the world. New Zealand is home to local and global companies and businesses such as Pumpkin Patch, Kathmandu, Kmart, Adidas and KFC. New Zealand imports goods such as bananas from the Philippines, coconuts from the Pacific Islands and Converse shoes from Indonesia. Importing is good for New Zealand consumers because we can get a large variety of products that are usually less expensive than New Zealand made. On the other hand if we keep on importing things from overseas (e.g. China) New Zealanders will miss out on jobs making those same products.

New Zealand is also a large exporter. New Zealand exports milk and dairy products, fruits such as the kiwi fruit, jewellery (e.g. greenstone carving) and wool. Exporting is good for New Zealand because the countries that can’t produce these products can buy them and it is also good for New Zealand’s economy.

Globalisation is also about connections. People connect through Skype, twitter, YouTube, face time, news, mail, phone calls and email. People also connect through travelling and through family connections.

Globalisation has had a massive impact on our world. Products are now readily available worldwide and are seen in the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the toys we play with and in the technologies we use. In the future we believe we will continue to be impacted by globalisation as more and more products and companies come to New Zealand and people travel globally sharing their ideas.

We believe our definition is extended abstract because we gave several ideas with examples and made a prediction about the future.

Podcast #2

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Shark Attack

After reading "Shark Scare" by Marie Gibson the Avengers created these poems describing what it would be like to encounter a shark.

New Cross Country Course?

After reading 'The Cross Country' by Pauline Cartwright the Justice League used Google Earth and Drawings to create their very own cross country course. Check out their new additions

How To Care For A Dragon's Egg

The X-Men used the information in the story "The Dragon's Egg" to create these guides.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015


As part of our Globalisation Inquiry we discussed our global connections and what we know about different countries. Here are some examples.

Cross Country Book Trailers

The Justice League created these 'Book Trailers" for Pauline Cartwright's 'The Cross Country". 

Pukana Challenge

This week Matua Edwards offered a wero (challenge) to the students of Room 5 to perform a fierce pukana. Leave a comment below on who you think pulled the best pukana.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Cross-Country

The Justice League read 'The Cross Country' by Pauline Cartwright. In the story a girl trains for weeks to build up her stamina before taking a wrong turn on the cross-country course and coming last. However one teacher was not in the correct place and the course had also been changed from previous years. 

The Justice League created these angry letters to the principal in response to their daughter coming last in the race. 

Dear Mr Langtinashton,

I am the mother of Sarah Teague. My daughter had been training for weeks for the cross-country. One of your teachers told my daughter the track, it was very unclear. I also noticed Mr Granger wasn’t even in the correct place when Sarah reached him. I thought the new track was a terrible idea. It was very embarrassing for my daughter when she went the wrong way. There is no point changing the track. You should feel ashamed. I heard teachers saying to my daughter “A good try”, like they didn’t really care. That is an awful way to talk to a child.

You better make some changes

Taylor Teague (Skye)

Dear Mrs Davies-McGregor

My daughter had been training for weeks and weeks for the cross country and had gained so much stamina. Mr Granger wasn’t even in his place near the pines! so Emily took the wrong track. Emily felt so disappointed that her training was wasted. Another thing why change the track? You should stop changing tracks so there is no more confusion. I demand for these changes to be made or I will inform the board of trustees and you might get fired!

P.S I must see these changes for the athletic day


Brenda Kennerley (Chantelle)

Dear Mr Ashton,

I am the mother of Jamie James. Now about the cross-country my daughter came last AGAIN! YOU want students to focus, train, be fit and determined. MY DAUGHTER WAS ALL THESE THINGS! All her weeks of training were wasted. Jamie put in all that effort and came last. I demand that you tell Mr Granger to stand in the right place next year! I think the new course was a terrible idea because my daughter wasn’t the only one who went the wrong way, which was really embarrassing for Jamie. I really hope you apologize to Jamie soon.


Heather James (Kalani)

Phrase of the Week #1

Kia Ora, Here is our first "Phrase of the Week" brought to you by Sativa. Please encourage your family to try this at home too.

Monday, 27 July 2015

The Dragon's Egg

The X-Men read 'The Dragon's Egg' by Victoria Hathaway. In the story Nick brings home a dragon's egg (which is actually a painted rock) he then uses the egg to play a trick on his siblings. After reading the X-Men created their very own dragon's egg and wrote a description focussing on what the egg looked like, felt like and weighed like.

Maori Language Week

Kia Ora

This week marks the beginning of Maori Language Week. The theme for this year is ‘Whāngaihia te Reo ki ngā Mātua’, ‘Nurture the Language in Parents’.

In class we will also be learning a ‘The Phrase of the Week’. The phrase of the week introduces a new and simple phrase each week to encourage Te Reo Māori in the home and in everyday situations.

We will be sharing the phrase of the week through our blog and twitter for you to try at home.

Calendar Art

This term the school will be selling a variety of products with your child's art work. There are diaries, calendars, cards and mouse-pads for you to purchase. An order form will be sent home in week 3. You will also be able to view your child's art work in the hall on Wednesday afternoon 5th August 

Shark Scare

In the story 'Shark Scare' by Marie Gibson the boys couldn't remember what they should do in case of a shark attack. The Avengers after reading the story created these posters to show exactly what you should do if you ever encounter a shark in the water.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Beware the Jabberwock

This week we have been studying Lewis Carrolls's the Jabberwocky. After reading the poem we imagined what the Jabberwock would look like, sound like and move like. We then created our own Jabberwocky's and wrote a descriptive poem.

Podcast #1

Here is our very first podcast brought to you by Nuha. We will be using podcasts to reflect on our week, keeping you updated with the news, events and activities in Room 5.

Thursday, 23 July 2015


This week the Justice League have been reading a story called 'Egbert'. In this story there is a girl called Emily who loves eating eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However one day Egbert the egg starts talking to Emily and tells her that she has eaten all of his family. The Justice League's created these 'Wanted' posters for Emily for her crimes against eggs. 

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Speech Champions

Here are our award winning speeches - Skye presents "How to make assemblies awesome" and Israel presents "Why we should eat horses".

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Speech Winners

Congratulations to Skye and Israel who finished first and second in this years Speech Finals. We are all so incredibly proud of you both - You did an absolutely amazing job representing Room 5. 

The Alien Under the Stairs

The Avengers used keywords to make a prediction about the story 'The Alien under the stairs'. Predicting is a useful reading strategy as it helps us think about what to expect when to read. What we know already (our prior knowledge) helps us to predict.

The Alien Under the Stairs by Torres

One day at school, a man named called Lieutenant Jard came to our classroom to talk about history and World Wars. Then suddenly he did a humungous sneeze. Whoosh! snot went everywhere on the walls and on the children! It even landed all over the words and letters the teacher was working on. She was so shocked she flew into a rage and whizzed around the classroom chasing Lieutenant Jard outside. When she returned the whole class was in pandemonium. When she finally calmed everyone down, she was then able to start writing all over again. This time back on the page the teacher was able to begin her story.

The Alien Under the Stairs by Samarah

I was at school one day drawing dinosaurs in the classroom. My teacher was in a quick meeting so I was left in charge. My friend Bill had a big cold so he had to stay away from everyone in the classroom. When he came close to anyone they would go running out of the class. While everyone was talking Bill let out a humungous sneeze, snot went everywhere I was lucky it didn’t get on me as he was all the way at the back.

The bell rang we rushed out even though the teacher didn’t come back from her meeting whoosh! everyone ran but Bill was still there in his lonely chair he didn’t want to break the rules but his snot had covered all the words and letters  in his book. Bill then whizzed outside causing absolute pandemonium as people ran away from him.

The next day Bill was fine, he was in the classroom doing everything well. He didn’t have the flu or anything else so he moved back to his normal space and he started working back on the page. I had no ideas for my story so I thought maybe a story about an Alien under the stairs or a boy who let out a huge sneeze.

Monday, 20 July 2015

How are we connected to the World?

As part of our Globalisation inquiry - We began thinking about how we are connected to the world.

A Present from Pudding

After reading 'A Present from Pudding" by Kirsty Lillico the X-Men collaborated on describing Pudding. 

Pudding is a kind, friendly cat. Pudding has yellow eyes and brown striped fur like a tiger. Pudding also has a patch of white fur that looks like a beard. Pudding’s fur is soft and deep and would be nice to stroke.

Pudding is usually put out at night time so she doesn't keep everybody awake. However Pudding purred softly at night time when she had brought the ducklings to Kylie. Pudding brought Kylie the ducklings as a present to show her how much she loved her. Pudding maybe brought the ducklings because she couldn't have her own kittens and wanted one.

How she got the duckling’s into the house was a mystery. Kylie’s Mum thought Pudding couldn't jump through the high window so maybe she went through the cat door with the ducklings?

Pudding must be a kind cat because she didn’t hurt the ducklings. She used her mouth to carry the ducklings gently one at a time.

We think that Pudding would make a good pet because she gave a present to her owner, she didn’t hurt the ducklings and she has nice soft fur for stroking. However others may think she is not such a good pet because she took the ducklings away from their mum. Overall we think Pudding would make a good pet even though she took the ducklings.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Lady of the Forest

This term we have been collaborating on a story with our Twitter friend’s 4A Tollgate School from Eastbourne in the UK. We each wrote a paragraph inspired by the picture below. Room 5’s paragraphs are in red and Room 4A’s are in Blue. Enjoy

She had lived in the forest all her life. It was her home.
When she called in her sweet, melodic voice, the forest came alive with life. Wild and wonderful creatures would flock to her side from far and wide, recognising their mother’s voice. This time, her voice betrayed a hint of panic; she would need her friends and family more than ever now…
On the edge of the forest strange people had arrived. The terrifying intruders had snarling, crooked faces, covered with fresh scars. Hate shone out from their eyes. Their long muscular bodies were clothed in heavy leather and rusted armour. The strangers yelled at each other in an unfamiliar language.  However they were not alone they had brought with them huge mechanical monsters that were now destroying the enchanted forest.
Crash! Trees began to fall like dominoes around the warriors as they charged their monstrous vehicles towards the Mother of Nature.  Her strong, slender body moved, fast like a slinking cat.  Her melodic mesmerising voice sang out across the mythical, mysterious landscape.
“Dragons, Dragons, Lend me your ears, Rise to the challenge and set fire to the fears.”
Magnificent, fabulous, wonderful - all the dragons of Drongar came swiftly to fight the repulsive destroyers.
Out of the swirling, stormy sky swooped Drock, the lord of the dragons followed by Drax, and Drago. The thrash of Drock’s wings caused waves to awaken on the water and flames danced in his jet black eyes. Drock opened his mouth revealing rows and rows of razor sharp teeth that glinted like precious gold in a cave. Out of the depths of his stomach rose burning, hot flames. Smoke bellowed from his nostrils and the ground shook in anticipation.
Silence. Second by second, minute by minute, the intruders approached unaware of the dragons above them. Mischievous yet courageous, Drax and Drago, the identical twin sons of Drock, stealthily swooped down and started to shoot sparks of thunder and spit sparks of lightning. Their loyal red eyes read trouble. The dragons screeched across the sky as they gained the higher land and targeted the enemy.  The more they roared,  the more the forest burned to ash.
Mother Earth wailed as she saw her mythical forest burn. The gruesome intruders had started  to spit and curse as they stomped on the burning ground. Their faces were twisted with rage as the flames flickered around their legs.  Suddenly they heard a mighty roar from above. The intruders grabbed at their weapons ready to strike the scaly beasts that were fast approaching.
The dragons swooped from beyond the abysmal darkness of the trees.  The wood still fell as Mother Earth’s tired eyes cried more; desperately watching her home burning in crimson flames. The magical monsters continued their attack.  Drax’s pale white body cast an enormous shadow over the ground as the enemy caught a glimpse of the deep purple under his wings.  His mighty roar scared the warriors, sending them into a frenzy.  Drock’s long, sharp teeth clamped together as he prepared himself to pick off the weakest, hatred raging in his eyes.  From the back of forest snarling soldiers stormed on through, their deadly sharp arrows raced through the icy wind as they proceeded on, getting closer to Mother Earth’s Tree of Sanctuary.  She could do nothing but put her trust in her dragons. Although inside the forest chaos and destruction continued, outside there was an eerie silence. 
Drock swooped down amongst the intruders who were approaching the tree of sanctuary. He opened his wide mouth flashing his sword-like fangs. Arrows flew into his side but fell without penetrating his scales. The intruders screamed in terror as the three dragons landed amongst them. The dragons formed a circle around them and their mechanical monsters. The dragons roared ferociously, fire and flame bursting from their mouths. The intruders covered themselves as best they could but the flames singed and burnt their flesh. The intruders knew that they must escape or face being turned to ash. The leader of the intruders barked orders to retreat. The intruders clambered into their mechanical monsters and retreated in terror.
Mother Earth looked at her enchanted kingdom as the ash cleared from the blackened dead trees, weeping as the dragons circled around her, gracefully.  She was filled with terror and hatred knowing that the battle was not yet over; they would return with reinforcements. Mother Nature turned to her trusting and loyal beasts, whispering gently “Boggets draw near and spare your spirits and hands, bring back to the forest the green lands”.  With outstretched arms the Boggets swooped and swept across the pitch black forest and everything they touched turned evergreen. The newly-greened landscape stood proud against the ever darkening skies as the dragons patrolled the dusky heavens above. Growling and rumbling could be heard from beyond the distant lands, the louder the sounds became, the greater the terror.
Mother Nature commanded her loyal Boggets to fly to the edge of the enchanted forest. Here they cast magical spells over the fallen burnt trees. Out of the ash small seedlings began to grow in front of the Bogget’s eyes. The seedlings grew rapidly twisting and turning into gigantic guardians of the forest. Their branches swayed like huge grasping hands, their roots lifted from the ground and stomped along the outskirts of the forest. Their trunks grew wide and strong with thick bark and spikey thorns. The guardians bellowed in an ancient voice. The guardians formed a barrier around the forest awaiting the return of the dreaded intruders.
Meanwhile Mother Nature sat and cradled her forest friends. Her tears had dried and the Dragons of Drongar had returned to their lair. Mother Nature hoped her guardians would now protect her home from future attacks. Deep down though she knew this would not be the last time her home would be under threat.
The End

The Cuvier's Beaked Whale

The Justice League created these posters using the information in the article "Kakera the Whale" by Maureen Goodwin

Matariki Celebration #5

Here is our rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Te Reo.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Year 4 Matariki Celebration

After lots of hard work and preparation we are proud to share this video of our Matariki Festival.