Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The Alien Under the Stairs

The Avengers used keywords to make a prediction about the story 'The Alien under the stairs'. Predicting is a useful reading strategy as it helps us think about what to expect when to read. What we know already (our prior knowledge) helps us to predict.

The Alien Under the Stairs by Torres

One day at school, a man named called Lieutenant Jard came to our classroom to talk about history and World Wars. Then suddenly he did a humungous sneeze. Whoosh! snot went everywhere on the walls and on the children! It even landed all over the words and letters the teacher was working on. She was so shocked she flew into a rage and whizzed around the classroom chasing Lieutenant Jard outside. When she returned the whole class was in pandemonium. When she finally calmed everyone down, she was then able to start writing all over again. This time back on the page the teacher was able to begin her story.

The Alien Under the Stairs by Samarah

I was at school one day drawing dinosaurs in the classroom. My teacher was in a quick meeting so I was left in charge. My friend Bill had a big cold so he had to stay away from everyone in the classroom. When he came close to anyone they would go running out of the class. While everyone was talking Bill let out a humungous sneeze, snot went everywhere I was lucky it didn’t get on me as he was all the way at the back.

The bell rang we rushed out even though the teacher didn’t come back from her meeting whoosh! everyone ran but Bill was still there in his lonely chair he didn’t want to break the rules but his snot had covered all the words and letters  in his book. Bill then whizzed outside causing absolute pandemonium as people ran away from him.

The next day Bill was fine, he was in the classroom doing everything well. He didn’t have the flu or anything else so he moved back to his normal space and he started working back on the page. I had no ideas for my story so I thought maybe a story about an Alien under the stairs or a boy who let out a huge sneeze.

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