Monday, 20 July 2015

A Present from Pudding

After reading 'A Present from Pudding" by Kirsty Lillico the X-Men collaborated on describing Pudding. 

Pudding is a kind, friendly cat. Pudding has yellow eyes and brown striped fur like a tiger. Pudding also has a patch of white fur that looks like a beard. Pudding’s fur is soft and deep and would be nice to stroke.

Pudding is usually put out at night time so she doesn't keep everybody awake. However Pudding purred softly at night time when she had brought the ducklings to Kylie. Pudding brought Kylie the ducklings as a present to show her how much she loved her. Pudding maybe brought the ducklings because she couldn't have her own kittens and wanted one.

How she got the duckling’s into the house was a mystery. Kylie’s Mum thought Pudding couldn't jump through the high window so maybe she went through the cat door with the ducklings?

Pudding must be a kind cat because she didn’t hurt the ducklings. She used her mouth to carry the ducklings gently one at a time.

We think that Pudding would make a good pet because she gave a present to her owner, she didn’t hurt the ducklings and she has nice soft fur for stroking. However others may think she is not such a good pet because she took the ducklings away from their mum. Overall we think Pudding would make a good pet even though she took the ducklings.

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