Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Cross-Country

The Justice League read 'The Cross Country' by Pauline Cartwright. In the story a girl trains for weeks to build up her stamina before taking a wrong turn on the cross-country course and coming last. However one teacher was not in the correct place and the course had also been changed from previous years. 

The Justice League created these angry letters to the principal in response to their daughter coming last in the race. 

Dear Mr Langtinashton,

I am the mother of Sarah Teague. My daughter had been training for weeks for the cross-country. One of your teachers told my daughter the track, it was very unclear. I also noticed Mr Granger wasn’t even in the correct place when Sarah reached him. I thought the new track was a terrible idea. It was very embarrassing for my daughter when she went the wrong way. There is no point changing the track. You should feel ashamed. I heard teachers saying to my daughter “A good try”, like they didn’t really care. That is an awful way to talk to a child.

You better make some changes

Taylor Teague (Skye)

Dear Mrs Davies-McGregor

My daughter had been training for weeks and weeks for the cross country and had gained so much stamina. Mr Granger wasn’t even in his place near the pines! so Emily took the wrong track. Emily felt so disappointed that her training was wasted. Another thing why change the track? You should stop changing tracks so there is no more confusion. I demand for these changes to be made or I will inform the board of trustees and you might get fired!

P.S I must see these changes for the athletic day


Brenda Kennerley (Chantelle)

Dear Mr Ashton,

I am the mother of Jamie James. Now about the cross-country my daughter came last AGAIN! YOU want students to focus, train, be fit and determined. MY DAUGHTER WAS ALL THESE THINGS! All her weeks of training were wasted. Jamie put in all that effort and came last. I demand that you tell Mr Granger to stand in the right place next year! I think the new course was a terrible idea because my daughter wasn’t the only one who went the wrong way, which was really embarrassing for Jamie. I really hope you apologize to Jamie soon.


Heather James (Kalani)

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  1. A fantastic job here ladies. I certainly wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of you.