Tuesday, 24 February 2015

At the Beach

This term we are writing recounts. A recount is a story about a certain moment in time. We wrote a recount together about a day at the beach. First we discussed the features of a recount such as using past tense verbs, including thoughts and feelings and using language features such as similes. We then used these features in our recount. Enjoy

At the Beach

The soft sand slipped between my toes. “This is how every weekend should be!” I thought as the sun warmed my skin. My family were laying out our picnic as I strolled towards the edge of the sea.

“Splash” my foot landed in the crystal clear water sending a tingle up my spine. I hoisted myself up onto the slippery rocks as the waves came crashing in around me.

As I ambled along I saw something darting along the tide line and up the side of the rocks. I looked closer to see what was happening. There in front of me were heaps of scurrying sharp-clawed crabs.

Suddenly I felt an unbearable pain coming from the big toe on my right foot. I screeched “Arghhhhh!!!” I looked down at my foot to see what was causing this agony. There clinging onto my toe was a colossal crab. I tried shaking my foot to release the crab’s grip but it just hung on even tighter. I began hopping like a startled rabbit.

I shook my leg ferociously and with a “whoosh” the crab went flying into the sea. However it wasn't the only one! As I was shaking my leg I lost my balance, slipping on the rocks, I tumbled backwards into the cold ocean. The briny water flew into my mouth and up my nostrils “Yuck”. A mixture of seawater and snot dribbled out of my nose as I stood up. I spat out the remaining seawater but my mouth felt like someone had tipped a whole saltshaker down my throat. I coughed and spluttered as tears ran down my cheeks.

I wiped the water from my eyes and looked to see people pointing and laughing at me. I turned to look towards my family to see if they were worried about me and they were laughing too. My face went red with embarrassment. I looked like a soggy wet tomato. “What a way to spend the weekend!”

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