Thursday, 26 February 2015


The X-Men reading group have been reading 'Sparklies' by Rachel Hayward. In the story a boy called Simon finds a star and decides to keep it. We thought about whether or not it was OK to keep something if you found it. Here is what we thought. Do you agree?

If you find something is it OK to keep it?

If you find something in the street would you take it? We think it depends on what it is. For example if you found a bike you should leave it where it is so whoever it belongs to can find it if they come back looking for it (Sebastian). If you found a pet walking around the street, you should take it to your home and find out who the owner is so you can return it (Sativa). If we found $100 in the street and no one was around, most of us would keep it because we wouldn't know who to give it to. However some of us believe that you should not take anything because it doesn't belong to you (Jolui) and you could also get into trouble (Kishan).

Overall we think if you find something in the street, you need to make a decision on whether it is precious to someone or if you could return it to the owner. On the other hand if it is not valuable or couldn't be returned you should be OK to keep it.

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