Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Water Safety

This term as part of health we have been learning about water safety. This is very important because we are spending lots of time in the pool at school and many of us go to the beach during the warm weather. Today we defined what water safety meant to us. Enjoy

WALT – Define Water Safety

Water safety is being safe around different types of water. These can include the bath, pools, rivers and the sea. 

New Zealand is surrounded by water that is why it is important for people to be water safe. If we are not keeping safe around water it could lead to bad injuries, drowning or even death (Kevin). To stay safe we must most importantly learn to swim and follow the safety rules around water.

Firstly there are rules we must follow at the beach to stay safe. You should always stay near the lifeguard. If you are far away from the lifeguard they may not see you and you could drown. You should also be sensible when near water (Dev).

To be water safe you should swim between the flags when at the beach because if you swim outside the flags you could get stuck in a rip, drown or hit some rocks. Water safety is also knowing your limits which means you should know when water is too deep for you (Skye).

Further rules for water safety include wearing a life jacket when on a boat and checking for dangers when swimming in rivers.

Water safety is very important for everyone. We must follow the rules around water to stay safe.

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