Thursday, 5 February 2015

What is Learning?

As part of our Identity Inquiry this term we are asking ourselves “How do I learn best?” Today we set about defining what learning actually means to us. We organised our thinking using a SOLO hot map and then wrote the following summary together as a class.

WALT – Define Learning

Learning is the gaining of knowledge, values or skills through experience, practise, or study or by being taught.  However not all learning takes place only at school, people learn throughout their lives from friends, family, workmates and by educating themselves.

Ways we can learn include reading, watching and listening to others. Learning is also gaining knowledge of skills that are useful and can be used to make our lives better. For example learning to drive can help us get to places quicker and be able to get to work.

Gaining knowledge without using it in our opinion isn't really learning. Learning is when people take new information and use it in their daily lives.

Being able to learn is important for our futures because without it we wouldn't be able to have good jobs and be successful in life.

We think our definition is relational because we have several ideas about what learning is and said how learning is important for our futures.

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  1. Wow! This is impressive Room 5. Keep up the excellent thinking.