Monday, 11 May 2015

Lunch with a Giant Southern Petrel

The X-Men worked collaboratively to summarise 'Lunch with a Giant Southern Petrel' by Diana Menefy. The X-Men chose the key ideas and using these wrote a summary of the article.

Key Ideas

Southern Giant Petrel – Eli
Ninety Mile Beach – Kassius
Native Bird Recovery Centre – Sebastian
Infected leg – Sebastian
Fed fresh, fish, mussels and Ox heart – Espen
Long stick with tooth on end – Hemish
Tube on top is its nostril - Sativa
Released by a dive-boat crew - Eli

An injured Southern Giant Petrel got found on Ninety Mile Beach. The huge seabird got taken to the Native Bird Recovery Centre to treat his infected leg. The staff fed the petrel fresh fish, mussels and ox heart to build up his strength and to fatten him up. The petrel’s beak looked like a long stick with a snapping tooth on the end. It also had a tube on top of its bill, which was its nostril. When the bird had regained his strength a dive-boat crew released him into the sea by Poor Knights Island.

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