Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Which beach is best?

The Avengers read an article on Dogo News about some very special beaches. They then compared two of them California's Glass Beach and Hawaii's Papakolea Beach.

WALT - Compare Two Unique Beaches

Looking for a slightly different beach? One that does not include ordinary sparkling white sand? Well you may like to visit California’s glass beach or Hawaii’s Papakolea beach. These beaches are very unique. Both beaches share similarities and differences.

Ansh - Firstly both beaches don’t have the typical white sand you find on ordinary beaches. These beaches have special types of sand. California’s famous Glass Beach is made out of smooth multi coloured glass pieces while Hawaii’s Papakolea Beach is made out of a semi-precious stone called Olivine.

Torres - Both beaches are unique and lots of people come to have fun or tours however Hawaii’s Papakolea beach can only be accessed after a rugged 2-mile hike whereas the California glass beach is popular tourist destination.

Kevin - The sea shaped both beaches. The glass bottles on California's glass beach were broken down by the sea and got turned into smooth pebbles. Whereas Hawaii's Papakolea beach was formed by powerful waves that dragged green crystals onto the beach. 

Risa - People have influenced both beaches. California’s glass beach used to be an official dump where the trash and rubbish eventually got turned into pebbles. However because very few people go on Hawaii’s Papakolea beach it has stayed its amazing green colour. 

Overall we think that Hawaii’s Papakolea Beach is a much better beach to visit because it is a natural attraction rather than the result of pollution and damage to land. Papakolea beach is also found in Hawaii, which is a tropical island with great scenery and interesting marine life.

We think we are extended abstract because we used vocabulary such as overall and think. Made several comparisons with similarities and differences. We also made a judgement too as to which was the best beach to visit and why.

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