Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Worms for Dinner?

The X-Men read 'Worms for Dinner?' afterwards they had to use the information in the text to form an opinion on whether people should eat worms. Who do you agree with?

People should eat worms

People should eat worms because lots of people in the world eat them. Every year in Hokitika on the West coast of New Zealand people eat worms. They eat them covered in chocolate, as worm sushi and worm fritters.

Eating worms helps the body heal because they are full of protein. Worms are also cheap. You don’t have to buy worms you can just go and find them in your garden. You can also bake them, boil them and fry them. 

Some people may argue that that they are full of grit and sand but you can wash them and put them in cornflour for 48 hours to clean them.

We strongly believe that people should eat worms because they are full of protein, cheap and it would be adventurous to try something new.

By Jolui, Sebastian, Espen and Eli

People should not eat worms

People should not eat worms because they are full of grit and sand. They are also gross and slimy. Would you really want to eat sticky, dirty, horrible worms?

Worms can help people’s gardens to grow by circulating the soil. Worms also munch through dead leaves and rubbish mixing them into the soil. Their droppings are rich in all sorts of food for plants. So as you can see worms should stay in the garden and out of the kitchen!

By Hemish, Amelia, Kishan, Kassius and Aaliya


  1. WOW great work x-men i really want to have worms for dinner.

  2. Wow Eli and Sebastian, Amelia wants to eat worms for dinner !

  3. Now I feel like having worms for dinner