Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Little Blue Penguin

The Avengers described New Zealand's own Little Blue Penguin after reading an article on DOGO news about the Rena oil spill.

WALT - Describe a Little Blue Penguin   

New Zealand is home to a very unique and precious penguin, the Little Blue Penguin. This native penguin suffered through New Zealand’s worst pollution disaster when the Rena cargo ship hit an underwater reef in the Bay of Plenty spilling 400 tons of oil into the ocean.

Colour - Arav
The little blue penguin is called blue because of the colour of their feathers. Little blue penguins also have a white belly and pink webbed feet.

Size - Israel and Dev
The little blue penguin stands 16-17 inches tall that’s about the same size as your ruler. It also weighs about 1 kilogram (2 lbs). That’s as heavy as two blocks of butter! that’s a very light penguin.

Diet - Priscilla and Sherlyn
The Little Blue Penguin feeds off small fish and small squid in the shallow warm waters off Moturiki Island during the day.

Natural Habitat - Chantelle and Anthony
The little Blue Penguins natural habitat is around New Zealand’s Moturiki Island. At night they come onto the beach and spend their time inside rock crevices or inside little caves to sleep or to hide from predators.
Conservation - Skye Kalani
During the oil spill over 2000 penguins died during the disaster.The Oiled Wildlife Response Centre saved about 500 penguins. They rescued the penguins then
nursed back to health before releasing the penguins.

In the future for these birds to survive and thrive we need to make sure that the pilots of the ships have a clear path around reefs, design the ships differently so they cannot spill oil into the ocean maybe having rubber on the bottom of the ship and put floating devices around the reefs to stop the oil from spreading.

We think our description is extended abstract because we have thought about the future of these birds and how to prevent disasters in the future.

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