Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Storm Petrel Vs The North Island Brown Kiwi

After reading a Kiwi Kids News article the Justice League compared two native New Zealand Birds.

WALT - Compare and Contrast two New Zealand Birds

If you are in the forest or by the sea, you may see some precious New Zealand birds. New Zealand is home to many native birds such as the Storm Petrel and the North Island Brown Kiwi. These birds have many similarities but also many differences that will  help you to tell them apart.

Kalani + Skye
Both birds are special to New Zealand because they are only found here. The Storm Petrel was extinct for 150 years then was found breeding on Little Barrier Island. The North Island Brown Kiwi is special because it is our national bird.

Arav + Anthony
Both the North Island Brown Kiwi and the Storm Petrel have predators. The Petrel’s  predators are cats and rats. The North Island Brown Kiwi’s predators are stoats, rats and cats and especially dogs off leashes.

Another similarity is both The North Island Brown Kiwi and the Storm Petrel are native birds to New Zealand. The Northern Island Brown Kiwi is usually found in the Okarito Forest and the Storm Petrel is found at Little Barrier Island.

Dev + Sherlyn
Both The Storm Petrel and the North Island Kiwi have researchers who monitor their numbers. The researchers of the Storm Petrel are Auckland University. The Auckland University follow this bird by using a radio transmitter. The people who research the North Island Brown Kiwi are the Department of Conservation. They research the bird with a monitor.

Chantelle + Priscilla 
One reason we should be aware and learn about these birds is that the number of the Storm Petrels and the North Island Brown Kiwi are low. We only have 185 Storm Petrels left and 35,000 kiwis left. Not many compared to the numbers of other birds species we have in New Zealand eg. the Ruru and the Weka.

In the future for these birds to survive people must help their population. People can do this by keeping their dogs on leashes, contact the specialists if you find any injured birds and putting out traps for stoats and feral cats.

We believe our comparison is Extended abstract because we gave several comparisons and thought about the future of these native birds.

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  1. Well done Room 5. You are starting to make some interesting comparisons. Keep using evidence from the text to explain. Fabulous!