Wednesday, 24 June 2015

How Much!!!

Ansh has been carrying out his own maths investigation. He compared the cost of shopping using information provided by our twitter friends Tollgate4A in Eastbourne, England.

All Prices are in New Zealand Dollars.
Exchange rate calculated at 2.26 (£1 = $2.26)

Overall we pay more for these items in Auckland, New Zealand compared to Eastbourne in the UK.


  1. A great investigation Ansh - some very interesting price differences. I was surprised to see how much more New Zealand pays for milk and eggs. Great Work

  2. Nicely done Ansh, shows how expensive and cheap certain items are in both countries. You could ask yourself why this happens.

  3. Wow Ansh, it's so great to see how you worked with the information we gave you. We will share with you what we have find when it's finished.
    From 4A