Tuesday, 2 June 2015

What A Load Of Rubbish!

Room 5 read a very interesting article on Kiwi Kids News about how anti-littering campaigns don't work. Click below to read the article

In response to the article we came up with our own suggestions of how to reduce the litter at school.

What a load of rubbish at Halsey Drive School.

Halsey Drive has been trying to stop people littering in our school. At the moment we have an enviro team that teaches other children to not litter and to protect the school environment, we have recycling bins in each classroom, we reward people for bringing smart lunch boxes and we also have signs and posters encouraging people not to litter.

But this is still not working! We still have litter in the playgrounds, sports fields, turf, gardens, classrooms and cloak bays. We have some new suggestions of ways to change people’s littering habits.

Sebastian - Punish those people who are caught littering with detentions.

Nuha - Use technology to make videos about not littering rather than making posters that may eventually get thrown away.

Israel - Enviro team use an I pad to take a photo of the people with smart lunch boxes rather than wasting paper writing names out.

Skye - Instead of printing lots of sheets teachers could have students read the work on devices.
Chantelle - Use more whiteboards in class rather than paper.

Kalani - Have more rubbish bins on the field and by the turf

Ansh - Weigh classroom rubbish every week and the class with the least gets a prize.

Espen - More rewards/better prizes for picking up rubbish, bringing smart lunch boxes

Sherlyn - Remove all the bins from the school. If people bring or create rubbish that can’t be recycled they have to take it home.

Arav - Replace bins with worm farms.

Samarah - Children should use more devices so they are using less paper, that often just gets thrown away.

Overall our school tries very hard to stop littering, however some people still continue to litter. We have come up with these suggestions as ways we could lessen our negative impact on our school environment. 

What do you think we could do to make our school litter free?

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