Monday, 29 June 2015

What would happen in the Yellowfin Tuna became extinct?

The Super Scientists (Ansh, Kishan, Hemish, Dev and Arav) investigated what would happen if the Yellowfin Tuna became extinct?

The boys created this news report from the future to highlight how overfishing could cause the extinction of the Yellowfin Tuna.


  1. Great work! Awesome to hear you talking about the food chain and how important the yellow finned tuna is to it. Hopefully this won't come true.

  2. Congratulations gentlemen on a successful inquiry. You answered your key questions and made clear links to the wider effects losing tuna through overfishing. You drew some thoughtful conclusions. Next steps are to when presenting make sure you are giving the audience sufficient information. Another suggestion is to make sure the workload is distributed evenly amongst the group. Great work.