Thursday, 25 June 2015

Matariki Celebration #4

The final game for our Matariki celebration will be Kite.

How To Play Kite

Kite is a really amazing game that the Maori people created. In our version there are two players but in other versions of this game there can be many more players. The artefact used in the traditional game is called “Ki Paua” it is made of paua shells with broken shells held inside. In our version we are using maracas.

The Game

Each person is blindfolded to begin with. They then stand about 5 metres a part. Each player must walk and rattle their maracas with each step, the players can stand still but must rattle their maracas every few seconds. The object of the game is to work your way close to your opponent and tag them before they tag you. The tagger locates the opposite player by listening to their maracas.


The Ki is any type of small ball. Many other Maori games use ki, which are often made of flax, wood or stone. The origin of ‘ki’ is said to come from ancient times when small woven kete were used to carry a single moa egg.


  1. I think this game will prove very popular for our celebration. Great summarising girls and I was impressed with the photos you chose to illustrate how to play the game.

  2. Nice games girls when I come to the Matariki celebration I'll play it