Monday, 29 June 2015

What would happen if the Leatherback Turtle became extinct?

The Marine Life Explorers (Chantelle, Anthony, Kassius, Kevin and Torres) investigated what would happen if the Leatherback Turtle became extinct.

The Marine Life explorers created this news report to highlight the impact of humans on the current population of Leatherback Turtles.


  1. Torres, Chantelle and Anthony congratulations on a great presentation - You summarised the key points from your slides and got your viewpoint across to the audience effectively. Well done on your news report, I enjoyed how you had points of view from scientists and people from the Pacific Islands. Next steps are to distribute the workload more evenly and work within the set time limits. Great Job.

  2. Great work on summarising your presentation. A tip for next time is toi look at the camera more when presenting the news.

  3. Nice Work on presenting your speech I really liked that you didn't need to look down on your cards and you remember the words!