Thursday, 26 March 2015

Anansi and Turtle

The X-Men have been reading 'Anansi and Turtle' a traditional Nigerian moonlight story. After reading the story we selected the key words from the text then used these keywords to summarise the story. Enjoy

Key words:

Nigeria, Anansi, Turtle, Spider, Meal, Tricked, Dinner, Dirty hands, Feast, Invited, Floated, Coat, River, Sank

Anansi and Turtle retold by the X-Men

In Nigeria a long time ago there was a spider called Anansi and a turtle. One day Turtle saw Anansi with a delicious meal and wanted to join him. Anansi made Turtle wash his dirty hands before he could eat but Anansi had tricked Turtle because every time he went to wash his hands he got them dirty again. Anansi ate all the meal before Turtle had a chance to eat anything at all. The next day Turtle invited Anansi for dinner. Anansi’s eyes bulged as he saw the feast at the bottom of the river that Turtle had prepared. Anansi tried to swim down to the feast but he floated back to the top.  Anansi then put rocks in his coat pocket to weigh him down and immediately he sank to the bottom. Just before he was about to eat the feast Turtle asked Anansi to take his coat off. As he removed his coat Anansi floated back to the surface and never got to eat the feast.

The moral of this story is not to be selfish and to share.


  1. That was a fantastic review of the story!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think you did really well at summarising the story. I agree with the message in the story too.