Monday, 2 March 2015


Today the Justice League were working on making predictions when reading. They were given ten key words and using these made a prediction of what happened in the story 'Socks' by John O'Brien. The key words are highlighted below. Enjoy.


Walt: predict the story from key words

Predicting is a useful strategy as it helps us to think about what to expect when we read. What we know already (our prior knowledge) helps us when predicting.
Socks by Sherlyn and Priscilla

Nana told me that she had knitted a pair of socks for me. She told me that she would show me the pair of socks this afternoon. When it was time to see the socks I saw that it had purple stripes and bright colours.
The next day she made a pair of rainbow socks for my sister. I got really mad because she made a better pair for my little sister. Nana told me it was an accident because she lost her glasses and couldn’t see. I did believe her a bit. I thought she was wrong but she was my Nana so I had to believe her.  Afterwards she gave me my new rainbow socks and I said thanks for my new pair of socks. So from that day on I loved my special rainbow socks.

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