Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Here are some examples of our fabulous recount writing. Enjoy

Christmas Disaster by Skye

It was that lovely Christmas day when everything is supposed to be perfect.  Well let’s get real. My Christmas wasn’t so perfect.  I had opened all my presents “YAY” now that was the good bit.  I got a Nerf rebel gun and a Nerf rebel bow, 2 splendid presents.  This was for the war. Now the bad part, where everything goes wrong.

So we went to an ENORMOUS field and had a war.  My dad had the bow and I had the gun.  Behind a tree there was a long pointy nail waiting for me to go and put my long thin foot on it.

As I went behind the tree stuck to a piece of wood, the long sharp nail was lurking BABAM “ARGHHHHH!!” that naughty nail made me step on it.  “Curse you nail!”.  The pain was like somebody stabbing you.  When we got to the A and E a girl with humongous eyes stared at me, I just thought to myself what are you looking at.  After the A and E I had to lie on the couch ALL DAY! the rest of the day my poor dad had to tolerate me saying “Can you kill me please? Death has got to be better than this”.  To be honest I think that Christmas day was probably not the best day to step on a nail.

At Omaha Beach by Chantelle

I heard a crack as I walked along the shimmering shore of Omaha beach. I looked down and saw a lonely crab that had a broken a leg.  I thought it was a poor little thing so I carried it back to the salty sea.  But as I was going to put it down I heard a shout from my family. They were looking down at hundreds of sharp starfish scattered along the shore.  

Then I gazed into the sea and saw lots of brown sucker fish and I realised why this beach was in the top ten, because it’s sand was pearly white.  So I dropped the crab and it landed with a soft plop in the calm sea.

I ran to my mum who was now playing with my brother at the shimmering seashore and she was also holding my big blue bucket. Just as I was taking my sandy bucket, my mum caught a cross-eyed suckerfish with a pink shell. I filled my huge bucket with water and my mum put the fish in my bucket. I ran back to my snoozing dad and told him to hold it. Suddenly I slipped and face planted but luckily the fish was with my dad.  When I got up my dad laughed at me ‘‘ha ha ha,’’ because my face was covered in sand and I looked like a creature that had just came out of the sea.

My Terrifying Holiday by Ansh

“Aaaagh!!!” I screamed as I slid down the pitch black tunnel.  It was a good thing that my brother was beside me so I could hug him.  This roller coaster was the scariest thing I had ever been on.  

Universal Studios Ancient Egypt is super freaky.  At the end of the roller coaster we took out our tiny plastic bags and puked in them but my brother missed the bag and his puke landed on his shirt.  Then we looked in the mirror and saw that our hair was frozen stiff like John Snow.  

The second ride we went to was the Transformer ride.  It was gigantic.  There were about forty turns and lots and lots of giant hoops.  It went incredibly fast as well.  I was lucky I had my brother on my side so I could start raging at him for choosing this ride. I was as angry as if he had just ate the whole of my birthday cake.  Soon when the ride ended I begged mum and dad to let me choose our next hotel.  Jokingly they said, “Yes Ansh” so I was happy for a long time until… I looked in my little bag and puked again and again.  What a holiday!