Friday, 13 March 2015


Room 5 have been learning to use language features (such as similes) in our writing. Here are some descriptions of bubbles. Enjoy

The room was like a glasshouse. When the bubbles came out it was like they were royal, and everybody had focussed on them. The bubbles looked like magical orbs, they had lots of reflections so they looked like the people that were staring at them were in the orbs. The bubbles were moving so gracefully and slow I didn't know if they were sad or happy.  

POP!! a bubble landed on my leg. The other bubbles floated quietly around the room. The bubbles looked like gentle glass balls tumbling down. Then a triple bubble landed on my head and I was really excited that I just wanted to touch them. They moved liked kites gliding in the air.

“POP, POP!” the bubbles popped. The bubbles floated around the classroom they looked like sphered see through rainbows. They just crashed into the classroom from out of nowhere! Some of the bubbles looked as tiny as floating ants, and some were as big as the bottom of a coffee cup. Some got blown by the wind and did loops like a roller coaster, some looked like big bouncy balls.

‘Pop, pop’, went the bubbles. The bubbles were clear as glass and clear as crystals, soft as silk and were stuck like atoms. They looked like marbles in the air. They were colourful as a rainbow. They were drifting and floating slow and steady like parachutes landing on the mat.

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