Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Listen Up

The Avengers have been reading 'Listen Up' by David Hill. In the story a girl is constantly tripping over because she is too busy on her cell phone. After reading the Avengers had to decide whether or not children should have cell phones. 

Who do you agree with?

Children should not have cell phones

I agree with this statement because children can strain their eyes by playing games and looking at the screen constantly. However some people might argue that phones are important because children could use them in an emergency but I know that phones are not good for me.

Overall I believe that phones are no good for children because they can rot children’s brains. When they grow up they can get cell phones because they will be able to use their phone sensibly.

By Nuha

Children should not have cell phones

I disagree with this statement because children can contact their parents in emergencies. However some people may argue that cell phones can mess up children’s eyes because the device is too close to them.

Overall I think that children should have cell phones because the apps can help them with their learning as it is a quicker way to get information.

By Ansh

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  1. I agree with that information but what if it is an a emergency and your left alone at home and you don't know your parents phone number and your scared? WELL DONE AVENGERS!