Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Nightmare at the Vet's

The Justice League read Nightmare at the Vet's by Michael Pryor. They then had to evaluate the text and make a decision on which pet they would prefer. Firstly they made for and against lists and then co-wrote a summary of their findings. Enjoy


She can scare unwanted pests – Chantelle

She made friends with Bobby after their trip to the vets - Israel
Devil has claws like razors – Priscilla

Cats and dogs and even tigers are scared of her – Sherlyn

Devil scratched Matt when she was in his sweatshirt – Kalani

She is too old, about 427 years old – Anthony

She attacks vets – Dev

Devil went to slice Bobby’s nose off – Israel

Devil is old and mangy – Israel

Devil is huge – Arav


He is energetic and could keep you fit – Skye

He likes other animals – Skye

Bobby is playful and active – Sherlyn

He’s unique because he has one blue eye and one yellow eye – Dev

Bobby has fun at the vet – Skye

Bobby is friendly because he licks faces – Chantelle

He jumps in mud and rolls around on the carpet – Israel

He barks a lot – Chantelle

Bobby pulls on the lead and knocks things over - Priscilla

Bobby Vs Devil

If we had to choose between Bobby and Devil as our only pet we would choose Bobby the dog over Devil the Cat. We would choose Bobby because he is energetic, playful and likes other animals. He is also very friendly because he licks his owner’s face and is unique as he has one yellow eye and one blue eye.

Some people may argue though that Bobby would not make a good pet because he barks a lot, jumps in the mud and rolls around on the carpet. Bobby also pulls on the lead which causes him to knock things over.

Others may say that Devil would make a good pet because she can scare unwanted pests and she also made friends with Bobby after they went to the vet.

However there are many reasons why Devil would make a terrible pet including she has claws like razors, attacks the vet, cats and dogs are scared of her, she is too old, mangy and only has one eye.

As you can see from the reasons above Devil would make a much worse pet than Bobby.
Do you agree with our statement? Which pet would you choose?

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