Monday, 10 August 2015

Carrot Country

After reading 'Carrot Country' by Jill Friar the X-Men used a SOLO sequence map to explain how carrots get from the ground in Ohakune to our dinner plates.

How Carrots get from Ohakune to Auckland.

We should all eat vegetables especially carrots, but have you ever wondered where they come from? Carrots grown in New Zealand often come from Carrot Country or Ohakune.

Once the carrots are fully grown they are dug up. Firstly a tractor pulls a digger up and down the rows of carrots. The carrots are carried up the digger’s moving belt and dropped into a bin. As the carrots go along the belt the workers pick out any weeds or stones.

Next the carrots are loaded onto a truck and the carrots go to the washing shed. At the washing shed a tractor tips the carrots into a trough. A powerful water jet washes the carrots and carries them away to be sorted

At the sorting shed the carrots are organised by shape and size. If the carrots are not the right size or shape they are fed to cattle (cows, sheep or pigs).

The next day the carrots are loaded into trucks and driven to the market in Auckland. At the market in Auckland shopkeepers purchase the carrots before taking them to their shops. Finally our parents buy the carrots from the shop and bring them home for us to eat.


  1. Excellent job X-men I like how you explained how I eat carrots everyday!