Thursday, 6 August 2015


The X-Men after reading 'Kakariki' created a picture of a parrot. The X-Men then collaborated on writing a description of the parrot using interesting adjectives and similes.

WALT - Describe using adjectives and similes   


   Our parrot has a bright rose red beak as sharp as a thorn. He has stubby yellow legs and pointed claws, that help him catch his prey. He has a bright blue head with eyes as black as the inside of a bats cave. His front is light blue like the cloudless summer sky. He has a light green neck and bright green wings that help him swoop like a glider. He also has a dark green tail the colour of tall, lime grass.

1 comment:

  1. Nice Job X-Men! I like the way you all used a lot of similes and adjectives my favourite adjective was the one that says the colour of tall,lime grass my favourite simile was like the cloudless summer sky. Good Job!