Thursday, 20 August 2015

Exporting Sequence

The X-Men used a SOLO sequence map to track the journey of logs through Tauranga port.

Exporting Logs Sequence

Did you know that logs are the main export from the Port of Tauranga? Tauranga is in the North Island of New Zealand and exporting means sending cargo to another country. The journey of exporting logs begins in the forest.

To the Port

Firstly tall, mature trees are cut down from the forest.  The logs are then stacked onto a huge, wide truck and drove to the port.


At the port special forklifts are used to load the logs onto the ships.


The logs are loaded onto a bulk carrier. Bulk carriers have a large amount of space to hold the logs.


The workers at the port need to be prepared for the dangers of transporting logs so wear safety vests and hard hats. After the logs leave the port they travel overseas to to India and Japan where they are used for houses and furniture.

In the future if Japan and India grow more of their own trees for logs New Zealand would miss out on money from exporting. Although we would like countries to be able to grow their own trees and make their own money we would not want New Zealand to miss out on earning money from exporting.

We believe our sequence is extended abstract because we made a prediction about the future and have each stage in the correct order.


  1. Hemish - you showed some great thinking on this task making a prediction about the effect on New Zealand of exporting less logs overseas. I could see how torn you were between seeing people in India being able to make more of their own products and New Zealand losing out on exporting dollars. This is a very complicated issue that many countries face.

  2. I am impressed with your thinking - you have given this issue considerable thought and have displayed the issues clearly - well done!