Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Sellers in India

After reading 'Sellers in India' by Andrew Crowe the Avengers compared sellers in India and New Zealand.
 Sellers in India

Many countries around the world have people who sell goods, products and services outside in market places or on the streets. Sellers in India and New Zealand both have similarities and differences in what and and how they sell their products and services.

Selling Outside - Kevin   
In India they have very different ways of selling compared to New Zealand, for example they don’t have tents they have mats to lay out their goods such as pens, pencils, tools & dining  equipment. However in New Zealand we have tents so just in case it rains. In India the sellers are maybe poor and this is why they only have blankets.

Stalls - Torres
In India the stalls are very different to New Zealand because they sell their belongings on mats or they sell it on the bare concrete. In New Zealand sellers use tables and gazebos (pop up tents). New Zealand use tables because it looks more appealing and hygienic. Also in India it is very dusty and this can make the goods on the floor look dirty.

Goods and Services - Samarah
Everywhere you go in India you see many people outside arranging and selling their goods such as quality sharp pens, keys and some tools. They sell these on mats or outside some shops even on pavements. They look like one big market. In New Zealand sellers arrange and sell their goods in market places, carparks or festivals. In India the sellers can choose where they sell their goods and can go where they know there will be lots of people.
Drinks - Anthony
New Zealand and India are sometimes hot so people buy drinks when at the market or outside otherwise they might get dehydrated. In India it is so hot in the summer people sell cold drinks made from sugar canes which are sweet and cold. New Zealand sells lots of different cold drinks such as Coca Cola, Fanta and other soft drinks. In India the sellers don’t need to refrigerate the drinks they just prepare them fresh to order.

Flowers - Ansh
In India people use flowers to throw at the bride and groom at weddings and they also use flowers to cover the wedding house. In New Zealand they use flowers for presents and weddings. In India flowers are used for many other festivals such as Diwali, New Year, Holi and Garba. In New Zealand  the main use of flowers is just for weddings and birthdays. The use of flowers in both countries are very different. In India it is better to buy flowers because it is cheaper and they are already made into garlands.
Conclusion - Risa/Nuha
As you can see from the comparison above India and New Zealand have a lot of similarities and differences.  Our opinion is that in the future the sellers in India will use tables and gazebos because their goods will be more appealing and hygienic, which means more tourists will purchase their goods. Making the goods more hygienic will attract more customers which will benefit the sellers and their families.

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  1. Great work Avengers you showed some excellent thinking in your summary writing. I was especially impressed with your knowledge of India Ansh and your understanding about how and why flowers are sold in India. Great collaborating team.