Thursday, 27 August 2015

Tough Times in Taiwan

The Justice League have been working on sequencing the events in the text "Going to School in Taiwan".  Do you think Taiwanese students have a busier day than us? 

WALT-Sequence in our own words.

1) Firstly Jacky and Olivia wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning.

2) Next their mother drives them to school.

3) Jacky and Olivia’s lessons start at half past 8.

4) When Jacky and Olivia get dropped off to school, they take off their shoes because they don’t want to get the floor dirty. There are shelves outside for storing their shoes for later.

5) When their lessons finish each student gets a turn to sweep and mop the floor. They each get a cleaning rag.

6) Then it’s time to eat. Jacky and Olivia’s school have a large kitchen where their lunches are cooked! All students eat at their desks.

7) After eating, it’s time for the students to take a nap! Their teacher also takes one too! Jacky and Olivia take a nap on their desk.

8) Eventually they go home but sometimes they take English lessons and piano lessons. These lessons takes up most of their time. Jacky and Olivia have a lot of homework too.

9) At six o’clock Jacky, Olivia and their family sit down and eat some dinner. Olivia and Jacky have a small bowl of rice. Jacky and Olivia helps themselves with chopsticks.

10) After dinner, Olivia and Jacky go and do their homework. Olivia and Jacky cannot go on a device while they are working.

11)  After dinner Jacky and Olivia have to finish their homework, they can have a quick game before they have a sleep

12) Finally to finish off Jacky and Olivia’s day, they have a relaxing sleep. This sleep will give them plenty of energy for the next day!

By Kalani

In Taiwan Jacky and Olivia have a tough school life. Jacky and Olivia’s school starts at 8:30 A.M, thats the time our school is able to play outside in the mornings.

When they arrive they take their shoes off this helps keep the class room clean and tidy. Their school has to do lessons in Chinese then all over again in English. One half of the day is written in Chinese then the other half written in English. Taiwanese pupils have a Chinese name and an English name.

The young students each take turns sweeping, mopping and dusting. In their stationery pack there is a duster rag! When these kids learn a Chinese letter they have to repeat it over and over.

After morning lessons it’s time to have some num nums, They have a kitchen which serves them lunch. After lunch they float into the world of snooze, The teacher even sleeps too! After that the students repeat lessons in English. Home time is at 4:10 but they have not finished learning yet.

Olivia and Jacky also have after school commitments and activities like English and piano lessons and always stacks of homework. At about 6 o’clock the family have their dinner. Once they have finished their homework they can play on computer games. Then the day is done and onto the next day of hard work.

By Skye

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