Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Terrific Treehouses

Room 5 love reading Andy Griffiths Treehouse series of books so much so we were inspired to create our own amazing treehouses. For our descriptions we focussed on using our senses, including language features (Alliteration, Similes, Metaphors, Interesting Adjectives), beginning sentences in different ways and using punctuation correctly. Here are some examples of our terrific treehouses. Which one would you like to live in?

Israel's Treehouse

Welcome to Israel and Sebastian’s treehouse. It is no ordinary tree house, it is the most awesome tree house ever invented. So what are you waiting for? Come on in.

In my bedroom I have a pressure plate which springs me into my gigantic magical cloud (my bed) When I take my pillow off my bed it reappears instantly.  I also have a button which pushes a circular curved T.V out of the ground and 6ft tall speakers which are always on full volume. Surrounding my ceiling is thousands of under water creatures.  My bed can also lift me out of my room and transport me around the amazing aquarium which my room is in.

I have an ocean like pool which has a gigantic megalodon in it. I feed it the biggest fish in my aquarium sometimes I even feed it some deer from my deer farm. It’s name is Sam, Sam the megalodon. It is 30 metres long, 12 ft tall and weighs 40 tons. The gigantic friendly beast has no record of harming any humans. Sam is as scarred as a man that has just fought in a war. Sam does not have a specific diet, he can eat anything in his path. I have a comfortable seat which I sit on and watch him play.

“Peaw, peaw, peaw Die zombies die!” that’s my automatic game player. My automatic game player has robot hands that take over If I get tired of playing and keeps my high score. I call this room ¨The game world’ because of course it has thousands of games in there. It’s the biggest room in our treehouse. We don't usually spend heaps of time in here because it hurts your eyes when you play on the games for too long, but we love gaming even if it hurts our eyes. Our eyes are usually red after we play on all the games in the game world.

The last room I’d like to show you is my clash of clans room. I only play one game in that room and you know what it is. I have every single type of device available and I play clash of clans on them. I also downloaded clash of clans to play in my “Gaming world” because sometimes I’m too tired to move all the way to the top of the tree hou “Nooooooooo! Noooooooooo! NOOO!” “Be quiet, Sebastian” he’s crying because he lost his high score in Zombie invasion.  His face is as red as a cherry! he must be upset.  

So now do you think that my tree house is the best tree house ever invented? I bet you do. I was thinking about adding a few more stories and rooms such as a peaceful room and a grenade gun room so I can destroy Mr Bainbridge's tree house. See you next time bye.

Jolui's Treehouse

Welcome to our creative tree house. It's not an ordinary tree house, it's an awesome tree house. Come on in and let me show you around. I will show you my bedroom first. My bed is as soft as a duckling’s fluffy feathers and as warm as hot chocolate pouring out of a cake. I have a massage pillow that can massage me and I have a machine that can automatically put the blanket over me when I hop into bed.

Let me show you the robot training room that's where we train the robots. Now you can see that there is already a robot in the training room, it's name is Captain fish head. Captain fish head is as huge as a giant tree. There is a target that the robot punches, kicks and shoots so he does not hit us. Well anyway I control the robot's body - he can turn into a car and is also the security guard for our tree house.

"BING" Next I will show you the secret underground lab that has a two seated chair for Amelia and I. There are lots of buttons and controllers and lots of screens. You can play video games and movies and you can watch and play more than one game and movie because there are lots of screens.

Welcome to the last room on our tree house tour. It’s the Bathroom - there is the brilliant bath that can play relaxing music and a robot hand that can massage your back. When I have a bath it is as warm as a bear cuddling me. There is a sink that can automatically wash your hands without a touch of a button. There is also a laundry that can wash your clothes immediately, for example if you put your clothes inside they will be clean as fast as a spinning tornado. 

Well that’s all we have time for. I hope you enjoyed the tour. I’ve been thinking I might add some extra stories to our treehouse maybe a cinema, stadium or a rugby room? What do you think?

Nuha's Treehouse

Hello welcome to our tree house, I live in a tree house with my friend Aaliya.  We have the best tree house in the world.  It is phenomenal, fantastic, super cool and awesome.  So what are you waiting for? come on in.
In our bedroom we have a water bunk bed with a press of a button the water gets hot, squishy and cozy just like a feather bed that has just been warmed up.

In our bedroom we have an automatic dressing machine. We just step in it and everything is  done for you.  The dressing machine brushes your teeth, brushes your hair, gives you a shower and voila you're dressed and ready to go.

We also have a puppy room.  There are 10 million puppies and all of them are as fluffy as woolly sheep just washed with shampoo and conditioner.  Whenever we feel gloomy or sad we just shuffle to the puppy room and cuddle literally 10 million puppies and instantly we feel bubbly again.  The puppies are so obedient, cuddly, cute, playful and mischievous.  We love them.  On my birthday we are going to get 10 million more puppies plus they're going to be blue, “No!  We are not going to get another 10 million blue puppies”. Okay Okay alright.  Aaliya won’t let me get another 10 million blue puppies, but I don’t care i’ll get them anyway.  Oh by the way our puppies are NOT TRAINED.  N-O-T not trained.  They dirty Aaliya’s clothes, but please don’t tell her.

Next on our tour is the ice skating rink.  I mostly use it.  In the rink there is a robot that pushes you very hard on the ice slide and you feel like you’re falling in a hole.  I love the slide.  I have blue sparkly ice skates.  We also have frames to help you skate and a big screen that plays music.  There is a cold drink and a pie cart.  Sometimes Aaliya and me go ice skating together it’s so fun.

Last of all on our tour is ‘Our Pretty Garden’.  This is where we go to relax and escape from all the boring chores. I invented a system that whenever you enter the garden your clothes magically transform into a ball gown or a fancy suit.  If you’re a boy then you will have the suit or if you are a girl then you will have a ball dress.  Aaliya and I always walk into the garden and in a second our clothes transform into lovely ball dresses, we love doing that.  We also have amazing changing colour and glow in the dark flowers. If we touch the black flowers (they’re very rare) then they change colour.  If we blow the pink flowers then they glow.  We also have a flower shelter in which we can just lay and look up at the beautiful glowing, colour changing flowers. We smell the fragrance of the flowers it’s so nice.  There is a hot waterfall that plays relaxing music when I swim in it. Now you must agree that our treehouse is the best treehouse in the world.  Surely you do.  I think I might want to add a few more levels what about a pillow room or a marshmallow room? Bye for now!


  1. Well done Room 5 I loved how you used your imagination. My favourate was Israel and Sebastians because they used big ideas like a shark area and sebastians room was cool to.

  2. Amazing tree houses Room 5! I loved the detail in your writing - I could tell you were really passionate about your topic!

  3. Nice work Room 5 I loved how you are so creative. My favourite was Israel and Jolui's because they used creative ideas and different subject.

  4. I liked how Nuha's treehouse had a lot of cool imaginations my favourite was the dog room and the bunk bed with the couch in the middle

  5. I like Nuha's cool imaginations my fav is the puppy room and the bunkbed with the couch in the middle

  6. well done room 5 I really like you imagination .I think the best one out of all of them was Israel and Sebastians becaase of the shark room and the lolly room

  7. i like Nuha's cool imaginations my fav is the puppy room and the bunkbed with the couch

  8. Wow great work room 5 on your tree house I really like Israel and Seb tree house because there tree house has lots of Fun stuff like the lolly room and the Bedrooms - Jolui.

  9. Awesome work Room 5!. I liked how you used your imagination to build your own amazing tree houses from the Andy Griffiths tree house series.

  10. Nice work room 5, I liked how you guys used your imagination of your rooms in your tree house