Monday, 2 November 2015

A Screw Loose!

In science we experimented with screws. First we tested screws against nails to test their properties. Here are our findings  -

Screws are harder to push in than a nail - Kalani
Screws are harder to pull out because of the bumpy edges – Torres
Screws seems stronger than nails at holding weight – Nuha
The screw was best for attaching two pieces of material – Samarah
The screw has better traction (grip) than a nail – Kevin
The screw is probably better for hanging things because they are stronger – Sativa
The design of the screw gives it a better grip than a nail – Chantelle

Next we tested the self-locking abilities of screws by seeing if water splashes out of a bottle when dropped or shook. We tested a bottle with a screwed on lid and a bottle with the lid only pushed on.


  1. Nice work, I like the way you guys gave a good definition at the start.

  2. Awesome work Room 5. Great experiment.

  3. It was a great experiment. I thought the bottle that was pushed on was going to spray everywhere when it was dropped. I look forward to doing a similar experiment next time!!!!!!

  4. At first I thought why would you even experiment this way? Now after looking at the results, I don't think anyone will forget the difference!

  5. I think that Israel might had got a nice shower after he got home.
    Have you ever thought of putting screws on the bottle lid.
    Put I still like the Idea of pushing it down and screwing.