Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Olly's New Bike

After reading 'Olly's New Bike' by Melissa Leighton the X-Men collaborated on a Cause and Effect to see why Olly acted the way he did. 

WALT - Give opinions about characters’ actions.

In the story ‘Olly’s new bike” Olly received an old bike from a garage sale. He hated the bike and kicked it in anger against the fence causing a pedal to fall off.  However the reasons why Olly did this went further than just not liking the bike.

Olly’s mum and dad had recently split up. This meant that Olly would have felt upset and confused. This is maybe why he overreacted to seeing the bike. However because Olly kicked the bike his mum was upset that she didn’t have enough money to buy the silver bike he wanted

Another reason why Olly kicked the bike may have been that he missed his friends. Having no friends would have meant that Olly was bored, sad and lonely. Having met Mohamed and his son Korfa Olly realised he had to meet new people and try new things in order to make new friends.

Lastly another reason Olly kicked the bike may have been that he had just moved to a new house that didn’t feel the same. Luckily Olly met his nice new neighbour who fixed his bike so it looked like new.

Overall we believe Olly overreacted to seeing the bike.  We now understand why Olly reacted the way he did however he should have understood that a lot had happened and his mum was doing her best.

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