Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Traffic Lights Vs School Crossing

The Justice League after reading 'Cross Now' considered whether it is best for our school crossing to have traffic lights or children operating signs. What do you think?

We believe traffic lights should be used on school crossings instead of children operating signs. Firstly the children operating the signs have to stand out in the rain and stormy winds. The children who do this often catch colds and end up missing days of school. However even though children wear bright jackets and it is easier to see them rather than traffic lights, they still get wet, cold and sick.

It is not only the children who have to stand on the crossing teachers and parents do too. Teachers have to leave the class early when on road duty. They could use their time better. For example they could be planning, marking or teaching the children. Some people may argue that operating the signs teaches children responsibility. However spending time in the classroom learning is much more important than learning how to operate traffic signs.

Another reason why traffic lights should be used is that children finish patrols at 3.10pm and any children who are late may miss them. The traffic continues after 3.10pm as some parents pick up their children from SKIDS in the afternoon. Having traffic lights would mean children can cross safely at any time of the day. On the other hand people may say that drivers may miss seeing the traffic lights and that it is much harder to miss the long signs. However drivers must follow the reduced speed limit in school zones and use their instincts to look for traffic lights as well as zebra crossings.

Overall traffic lights are much safer, quicker and more efficient than crossing patrols and we would like to see our crossing replaced with traffic lights. We took a poll in our class and 16 out of 22 people agreed that we should have traffic lights.

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  1. I think it's a good idea to have a traffic light outside the school.