Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Give Us A Job!

After reading 'Phil's Machines' by Lindy Kelly the Avengers collaborated on writing a job application to Phil. They used evidence from the text to form the ideas in their letter.

Dear Phil,

I am writing to apply for a position within your company. I have done research about your work on your website and am very interested in what you do. I am passionate about machinery because as a child I played with toy trucks, bulldozers, and cranes. Ever since, I knew I wanted to work in construction. I am hard working, dedicated, and willIng to work long shifts and numerous days a week. If you need help with completing paperwork, I am organized and able to help. Also, I am experienced and always ready to learn more from your expertise. In the past, I have worked in other construction companies and know how to work these machines. I’m conscious of safety and understand that it is important to follow protocol. I already own steel-capped boots, hard hats and bright coloured vests. I enjoy being outdoors and working hard with a team.

Sincerely Yours,

Bob Bill Der

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