Thursday, 5 November 2015

Bits in a Jar

After reading 'Bits in a Jar' by Brian Douglas the Justice League described two of the main characters.

The main character in the story ‘Bits in a Jar’ is a small boy who suffered from swelling and sore throats for months. He was really frustrated with his symptoms. He looked forward to going into hospital to finally be pain free. He wasn’t worried about his operation because he got to have delicious ice cream afterwards. When we have been in hospital for allergic reactions or broken bones we never got to have ice cream afterwards. He loved getting attention from his mum when he finally came home. When he was in hospital he forgot to ask for his tonsils for the science corner at school. He told his dad who said he would grab some from the hospital.

The dad in the story is a cheeky, trickster and a practical joker. Instead of going to the hospital for tonsils he actually went to the butchers for ox hearts. He put them in an eight-litre pickle jar and took them to school. He went to school early to hide the jar from his son. What a sneak! The Dad has a wicked sense of humour.

The poor boy got laughed at when the teacher and his classmates pointed out his ‘tonsils’ were actually ox hearts. He burned with shame and planned revenge on his dad.

Overall we agree that we would not like to have a dad like the one in “Bits in a Jar” because it would be so embarrassing to be shamed out at school in front of a crowd. Although it would be bad to be embarrassed we like the idea of plotting jokes for revenge.

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  1. This was a nice story which made me think, its good to read kids' responses with different thinking and perspectives on it.