Monday, 30 November 2015

Should every classroom have their own worm farm?

The Avengers after reading 'Worm Wise' by Jude Southee evaluated the claim 'each classroom should their own worm farm'.

Should every classroom have their own worm farm?

We disagree with this statement because having lots of rotten food scraps and worm farms would make the school smell really bad. When people open the covers of worm farms they often have to hold their nose because the stench is so bad. Children may actually stop coming to school if the smell was that foul.

Some people may argue that the fertiliser from the worm castings could be used to grow healthier plants at school. However if every classroom produced castings they would be too much fertiliser for our current number of gardens.

Another reason why we believe this would not be a good idea is worm farms take up a lot of space. Children need space to run around and the school already uses a lot of space with the playgrounds, gardens, pool and sheds.

People may disagree and say that worm farms should be in every class as they are good for learning about recycling, reusing and reducing waste. However individual worm farms are not necessary as we can just visit the farm we already have to learn the same concepts.

Overall although worm farms are good for the environment it is not necessary to have one for every classroom as they can smell terrible and take up valuable space.


  1. Some great ideas room5!!!

  2. I really agreed on your statement about should every classroom have their own worm farm.