Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Monster Trucks Vs Formula One Cars

The X-Men worked on a comparison between Monster Trucks and Formula One Cars after reading 'Monster Truck Battle' by John Medcalf

Monster Trucks Vs Formula One Cars

“Vroom, vroom, crash, bang” You may hear these sounds at a certain type of car race - A monster truck race. Monster trucks are enormous, powerful vehicles that smash and crash into cars. Another famous car race is Formula One, these cars are sleek, low and fast. These two cars have many similarities and differences.

Entering the Vehicle - Kishan and Hemish  
Both drivers need to enter the vehicle before the race. However monster trucks are huge so the driver has to climb high to enter the monster truck. A Formula one car is low to the ground so the driver climbs in. In our opinion a Formula one car is much easier to enter than a monster truck.

Powerful - Sativa and Aaliya
A monster truck and a formula one car are both powerful vehicles. A formula one car can go as fast as 250 miles per hour and a monster truck is 10 times more powerful than a normal car. We think that a monster truck is more powerful than a Formula One car because they are larger and heavier,  although a formula one car is faster.  

Compete around the world - Seb and Eli Both
Both vehicles compete around the world however the monster truck competes mostly in America and sometimes New Zealand. Where as Formula One races take place in many countries such as Australia, England, USA, Japan and more. We would prefer to watch a monster truck show over a Formula One race because they do massive jumps, sometimes fail and crush cars.

Compete against other drivers - Amelia
Both drivers compete against other drivers when racing. In a monster truck race two cars compete. However Formula One races have 24 cars competing in the race. In my opinion it would be more exciting to watch Formula One because their are more cars racing really fast

Track - Jolui and Espen
drivers race on different tracks. The monster truck tracks are muddy with ramps and cars to crush. The Formula One track is smooth because of how fast the cars travel. We believe the easier track to race around is the Formula One track.

Overall we think that monster trucks are better than Formula One cars because they are powerful, have more interesting tracks and are more exciting to watch. Crushing big cars and doing flips is better than cars going around and around the same track.

We believe our comparison is extended abstract because we had several similarities and differences and made an overall statement.

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