Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Accident

We used the storyboard below as inspiration for a short narrative focussing on dialogue.

The Accident By Sherlyn

One chaotic Monday morning in Auckland City a man named Bob was zooming to work. He sped past all the other cars. “Move on you lazy people , don’t you know I’m late for work! ’’ mumbled the grumpy grouch Bob. He couldn't stop thinking why his wife didn’t let the kids just walk to school !

The thought kept on filling up in his head and wouldn’t let go. He just couldn’t concentrate on the road . Suddenly an old man began to stroll across the road . Grumpy old Bob braked. ‘’Hurry up you stupid old man’’ he screamed. But the man just couldn’t hear Bob, maybe he was deaf.

“Boom, Zam, Splat, Kapow” A crack raised up Bob’s car. He turned around furiously . A Tow Truck caught his eye. “This day has gone from bad to worse” Bob frowned. “Don’t you worry sir we will call a tow truck’’ giggled the Tow Truck drivers.

The Accident by Torres

“Move along you old timer!” On a Monday morning at 8:45, the city was overloaded with busy citizens. The old timer had just woken up and was ready to have a little walk in the city. “beep!”,”vroom!” A car zoomed passed. Just as the car was about to go over the lights the old timer stepped out onto the road. “Shreeeeeeek!” the car stopped suddenly but the old man just kept walking like nothing had happened. “Hey, use your eyes!” The truck behind didn’t see the commotion and crashed into the car. “BANGGGG!” “THUD!” the man turned around shouted. “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!” “I JUST BOUGHT THIS CAR!” “S-S-S-S-S-Sorry” said the driver of the truck. “Gees...wait aren’t you a tow truck!?”

 The Accident by Priscilla

Honk, honk! “Get out of the way!” It was a busy Friday afternoon. (I guess everybody wanted to get home quickly.) Jake had just finished work. Now he had to pick up the kids Bella and Ella. At the crossroads where Jake was about to cross, an old man stepped out onto the road. The old man Douglas was covered with wrinkles. He had big round glasses because he was almost blind. Jake was looking around for a lavatory because he suddenly needed to go. Then there was shouting, the next moment everything was just screeches and honks. Tyre marks marked the black road. Douglas just kept walking through without one hesitation through the whole situation. Then, CRASH!!!  The tow-truck behind Jake’s car splintered the back of his car. It felt like the biggest bump from a bumper car. Finally the old man finished crossing. Jake could not move, so he had to call a tow-truck. "I thought tow-trucks were supposed to tow cars away?"

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  1. I really liked how you described the accident in your own way. maybe next time you could draw your own comics with no words and let someone describe it.