Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Apples from the Orchard to Overseas

The X-Men used a SOLO sequence map to track the journey of apples from the orchard to overseas.

WALT - Sequence the journey of apples from the orchard to overseas

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples are a healthy fruit that are grown worldwide. Gala, Royal Gala and Braeburn are well-known varieties of apple that originated in New Zealand and are now grown widely around the world. Have you ever wondered how New Zealand apples get from the orchard to overseas?

Firstly (during the apple season) the ripe apples are picked from the trees. The apples are then gently tipped into a bin/bucket. This is done gently to stop the apples from getting bruised.

Afterwards a forklift truck takes the apples to the deep water dump. Here  the best apples float on the water into the grading shed.

Next the apples go into a grading machine and get sorted into sizes. Once sorted the packers pack the apples into boxes. These boxes are stamped with the date so people know they are fresh and know when the best before date is.

After that a truck takes the apples to the cool store. The apples are kept cool to stop the apples rotting. The boxes of sweet, crunchy apples are then taken on a truck to the port. At the port the boxes of apples are put on cargo ships and are sent overseas.

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