Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Luen Wo Market

The Avengers used visualisation to imagine what a visit to Luen Wo market in Hong Kong would be like. The team thought about what sights, sounds and smells they would have encountered.

Luen Wo Market by Ansh

As I walked along the aisles in Luen Wo market I saw ducks being killed, plucked and gutted before my eyes!  In the poultry section I saw birds that were being locked up in air tight cages.  I could smell the awful smell of guts and the horrible smell of fish.  I felt the slimy fish scales and the smooth bird’s feathers as I placed my shopping in my bag.  I heard the people of Luen Wo market bargaining over prices and the birds squawking.  I could taste the sea spray on my tongue and hear the waves from the sea hitting the sand slowly. Luen Wo Market was a non-vegetarian's delight!

Luen Wo Market by Torres

I arrived at Luen Wo market, a pretty noisy place. I came here because I wanted to buy some things to eat. I felt like eating chicken. I went over to the poultry stalls and ordered the chicken. While I was waiting I saw lots of other birds such as ducks/geese and quails. Suddenly there was a shrieking squawk I rushed to see what was happening. “OH my gosh!!” the chicken was being killed!! After about a minute of watching the poor chicken die, my order finally came.

I thanked him for the chicken and paid for it. What a cruel way to die I thought. I was just about to leave then I thought about having a little look around the market. I went back in and gazed around. I heard some bargaining and people arguing over prices.

I suddenly stopped to think about something when a idea shot into my mind. I thought about buying some vegetables to go with my chicken. What a great idea! so I rushed to the fruit and vegetables stall and after about 5 minutes of searching I finally found the right ingredients. While I was finding the exact change, I  smelt the salty sea, I turned to look and what I saw was live fish, squid and crabs. I left the market and got into a taxi. I thought to myself what a day I’ve had.

Luen Wo Market by Kevin

Finally the long boat journey ended. I was wearing gum boots to avoid the mixture  of soggy, cold seawater and the blood of the innocent fish that had been gutted for money.

I could hear the shouting of the sellers shouting and bargaining about seafood or poultry (for example duck, pigeon and goose). I saw the poor birds getting plucked, gutted and and chopped up right in front of the customers eyes however they didn’t throw up or cover their eyes. The most annoying sound was the engines of boats coming and going.

I tried to avoid the dreadful smell of the dried squid, the stinky bird poop and the blood of the innocent creatures however I did not mind the smell of the cold sea water at Luen Wo market.

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