Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Sending a parcel in India

After reading "Sending a Parcel in India" the Justice League compared the process of sending parcels in New Zealand and India.

WALT - Compare and Contrast

In New Zealand if you want to send a parcel you usually wrap the parcel in bubble wrap, plastic or strong paper and send it off. In India sending a parcel is very different.

Wrapped - Skye/Priscilla
In New Zealand and India we both have to wrap up our parcels. But what do we wrap it in? People in New Zealand normally would wrap their parcels in bubble wrap, plastic or strong paper. In India you would use cloth and sealing wax to wrap parcels. We think that using bubble wrap, plastic or strong paper is best because it’s stronger and keeps the parcel more safe. Also with bubble wrap it keeps the parcel safe even if the bubbles are popped, it is also fun to receive bubble wrap around the parcel because then you can annoy your siblings and parents! In India using cloth and sealing wax is still a good way but we think it isn’t as good/strong as New Zealand’s way.

Sent from a post office - Dev/Israel
Both New Zealand and India have post offices such as NZ post.The post offices in Dehradun. In New Zealand post offices open at 9:00am and close at 5:00pm, while in India the post offices open at 8:00am and have a break for 3 hours at midday and then close at 4:00pm. I think that in the future that the India post offices should have shorter breaks so that the people who want to post things have to wait less.

Boxes - Arav
In India and New Zealand presents, gifts and other items are placed into boxes before being sent overseas. In India any type of box can be used such as empty shoe boxes, which you need to get from the shoe shop. In New Zealand you can buy a box from the post office which saves you more time. Overall I think I would rather use boxes from New Zealand post offices because they are stronger and better quality.

Another similarity shared by New Zealand and Indian post offices is that they charge customers for sending their parcels. In India they charge between $7 and $13 to send a parcel to Australia depending on if it is sent by sea or air. Whereas in New Zealand they could charge you as much as $250 to send a parcel to India. As you can see it is much cheaper to send a parcel from India although it may not be as reliable as sending mail from New Zealand.

Staff - Sherlyn/Kalani
In India and New Zealand post offices both have staff. In India the staff take 3 hour lunch breaks without another staff member taking over. Whereas in New Zealand the staff have other members to take over while they have their lunch breaks. In Indian post offices the staff sew your parcel and seal it tightly with sealing wax. In New Zealand post offices the staff weigh your parcel and place it into a bag safely for the parcel to be collected. In our opinion we would rather be posting parcels from New Zealand because waiting for three whole hours like in India would cause people to complain. Also it’s a lot quicker in New Zealand because they have a lot more staff.

Conclusion - Chantelle
In my opinion I would rather post a parcel from New Zealand because in New Zealand it may cost more but you can find all the things you need in the post office meaning it takes less time to post a parcel.   Whereas in India you have to travel around to find everything you need to post the parcel for example you need to go to a shoe shop to buy the box and you also need to go to a cloth shop to buy the cloth. Posting from India may also take all day. I would rather post a parcel from New  Zealand because In New Zealand they put bubble wrap on the outside of the parcel so the contents inside the parcel is still safe when received. Also in India they only seal it with wax so the contents of the box may break when the person receives it.

We believe our comparison is extended abstract because we made several comparisons and included opinions about which post office is best for sending parcels.

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  1. Great job justice league, next time I think you should work on more details and information but I think it is a great comparison