Monday, 21 September 2015


After reading "Twenty fingers on one hand" by Jill Macgregor the X-Men sequenced how bananas grow in Tonga.

Bananas are a delicious healthy, fruit that gives you potassium and vitamins. These fruits are popular amongst humans, monkeys and minions. Do you know how bananas grow in Tonga?

Tonga is a great place to grow bananas because it has lots of rain, warm temperatures and lots of sunshine.

First new banana plants grow from small suckers that appear around the base of a plant. Banana plants can grow very quickly.

Every week a new leaf unfolds. Underneath the leaves is a huge flower bud growing down. It’s covered in thick waxy leaves called ‘bracts’.

When the bracts curl back there are rows of long purple, pink flowers. Over the next few weeks these flowers turn into little green bananas. The little bananas grow down and slowly curve up.

The bananas get fatter and the colour of the skins changes from green to yellow. When the bananas are almost yellow the bunch is cut down and hung in a shady place.

If the bananas stay on the branch they may get overripe, burst and be eaten by ants. Once the bananas have turned a golden colour they are taken off the bunch and eaten.

In New Zealand we import a lot of our bananas from the Philippines and Ecuador. These bananas are different from the bananas in Tonga, they are often larger and not as sweet.


  1. What a great sequence about how a banana is produced! I liked the way you showed us some facts about how bananas are made!

  2. Nice Job X-Men I liked the way you guys said that we import it from the Philippines and Ecuador and not Tonga!

  3. That was an excellent sequence x-men. I like how each and every step is detailed

  4. good job X-men !! Amelia's Mum Beatrice

  5. Amazing job X-men I like the way you used a picture of a well known movie that has minons that like bananas.