Thursday, 10 September 2015

Lunch at a Taro Plantation

After reading 'Lunch at the Taro Plantation' the X-Men used the information in the text to create these posters about the crop taro.


  1. Sebastian - I'll buy some Taro in the next supermarket shop and you can help me cook it!

  2. Taro can be cooked as dessert too. A quick recipe~
    Boil cubed taro & kumara (600g each) until soften enough (for about 30-40 minutes), drain out half of the water then add a can of coconut milk(420g), stir around and add some sugar (1/2 cup) to taste. If you fancy, added some tapioca balls cooked in a separate sauce pan (small pot) with boiling water. Serve either warm or chilled. Yummy!