Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Fast Food - Tibet Vs New Zealand

The Justice League compared fast food in Tibet and New Zealand.

WALT - Compare and Contrast

What are you having for dinner? You may be having fast food such as KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Fish and Chips or Carl’s Junior. However if you live in Tibet you may be having tod or tsampa. The fast food in Tibet is a lot different to the fast food we have in New Zealand.

Portable - Sherlyn and Priscilla
Fast food in New Zealand and Tibet can be carried around. In Tibet they carry their food in their pockets. Whereas New Zealand fast food is carried in cardboard boxes, glad wrap, paper bags and in plastic containers. Would you like a big piece of pizza in your pocket, or would you rather have a nice yummy pizza in a cardboard box? In Tibet they carry “tod” or tsampa in their pockets. We think that carrying stuff like “tod” or tsampa can cause a few incidents in your pocket, such as transferring germs from your hands to your food.

Cheap to make or buy -  Arav and Dev
In Tibet they make their own fast food for example one is tod. Tod is made out of cheap ingredients such as black tea, cheese, melted butter and barley flour. In New Zealand, people can buy cheap fast food such as KFC, pizza, french fries and fish and chips. Instead of buying a $5 pizza you could just buy healthy ingredients and prepare your own food, which would mean you would have a good nutritious dinner.

Make their own - Skye  
In New Zealand we can make our own fast food the same as Tibet.  In Tibet they make tod out of flour, roasted barley and either hot tea or boiling water. Kiwis normally buy fast food such as  KFC, Wendy's and Burger king. In my opinion I believe that it would be more efficient to make your own fast food because you save money and it would be healthier. It may be a longer wait but it's more efficient if you don't need to pre order then drive all the way to the pizza store, pick it up and take it back home.

Hands - Kalani
In Tibet they eat with their hands as-well. They break a piece of the tod and pop it into their
mouth it is very easy, where as when we eat fast food with our hands it’s very hard, because with pizza, cheese gets all over the plate and with KFC’s drum sticks, it gets crumbs all over my mouth also it gets a bit greasy. In my opinion I would prefer eating tod because it is not greasy and not messy like KFC and Pizza.

Storage - Chantelle
In Tibet they store their fast food called tsampa in wooden boxes or if they are a nomad they carry their tod in big sacks made of yak hair. Whereas In New Zealand we get our fast food in boxes or in packets. These packets are not good because once we use our fast food packets in New Zealand we just throw them away.  In Tibet their yak hair sacks and wooden boxes can be used again until it breaks. Once their sacks made of yak hair or wooden boxes break it can be biodegraded (broke down in the soil).

Overall we think that New Zealand and Tibetan fast food have many similarities and differences. In the future New Zealand should make their fast food smaller and healthier like the fast food in Tibet because fast food is causing New Zealanders to become overweight. Tibetan tsampa has a very small amount of fat in it so is healthier than pizza, fish and chips, greasy burgers, Mcdonalds, K.F.C, Wendy's and Carl's Junior.

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