Thursday, 3 September 2015

Should our school make and sell produce from our garden?

The Justice League after reading 'Plants that heal' by Sue Gibbison thought about whether it would be a good idea for our school to make and sell produce from our garden (like the schools in the article). The Justice League weighed up the pros and cons and wrote a letter to our principal.

Letter to the Principal

Dear Mrs Davies Crook,

We would like to suggest that we use our garden produce to raise money for the school.

Our garden has vegetables that haven’t been used in a long time. After reading ‘Plants that heal’ by Sue Gibbison we thought we would present our ideas about why we should sell our garden produce.

Firstly we could learn lots about different native plants and vegetables. For example did you know kawakawa could be used to make ointments to treat grazes, rashes and toothache?

Another reason why we believe we should sell produce is that it would help extend our knowledge of maths. If we are selling produce we would need to use our skills in maths to give correct change and count the profits.

If you allowed us to become entrepreneurs we could use the money raised to benefit the school’s economy. For example we could use the money for sports equipment, ESOL resources or donate the money to Tamari.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Yours Sincerely

The Justice League
Room 5

Mrs Davies Crook's Response

Dear The Justice League

Thank you for your letter regarding your ideas for our school garden.  I think you have some great ideas. I really like the way you looked at both positive and negative sides of the proposal.  

The person to speak to is Mrs Teague as she is in charge of the garden. 

Good luck with your ventures,


Mrs Davies-Crook


  1. How about our school do Garden to Table instead of Bible?


  3. Using your initiative, Room 5 - well done!