Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Food in Hong Kong

After reading "Food in Hong Kong' by Jan Maguinness the Avengers compared Luen Wo market in Hong Kong with markets we find in Auckland, New Zealand. 

WALT - Compare and Contrast Markets

Have you ever seen a duck being killed, plucked and gutted in front of your eyes? If you have then you may have visited Luen Wo market in Hong Kong. Luen Wo market is a food market that is very different from the markets we find in New Zealand.
Fruit and Vegetables - Risa                                                                                                               
Both Luen Wo market and markets in New Zealand sell fruits and vegetables. The Luen Wo and the New Zealand market both sell fresh fruit.  At the Luen Wo market they sells guavas, Chinese kale, pineapples, green lemons, bananas, lychees, grapes and some coconuts. Those are the fresh fruit. These are the fresh vegetables sold in Luen Wo market white cabbages, lettuce, Chinese kale, radish, watercress, spring onions, sweet potato, taro and yam and much more. The different fruit and vegetables in New Zealand are carrots, kiwi fruit, kumar and feijoas.
Smells and Noise - Samarah
In both New Zealand and Luen Wo Market there are different smells and noises. In New Zealand markets you would smell donuts cooking, fresh fruit and sweets. You would also hear shop owners trying to entice customers to come to their stall. In Luen Wo market you can smell bird poop because there are many birds that live in cages and then get plucked, killed or gutted and might poop before this will happen. As Hong Kong is so close to the water you would also smell fish fresh from the sea. There is also a lot of smoke created by cars, ships and buses causing a lot of pollution. The noises in Hong Kong like squawking would put me off buying my food.
Weigh and Charge - Torres and Anthony
The Luen Wo Market and New Zealand market have different ways of charging customers. In Hong kong they have a lot of bargaining like fussing over prices. In Hong Kong they also have a metal bowl that weighs the amount of food you have E.g 1 cabbage, 2 lettuce, 3 carrots and 4 broccoli and the price using a scale. How much people pay for their vegetables is added up on an abacus. In New Zealand markets the scale used to weigh the ingredients also adds up how much customers pay.

Meat and Poultry - Ansh
Both markets sell poultry and meat, in China the poultry is alive, which means that the birds are kept in cages.  The birds are also killed, plucked and gutted in front of your eyes, which would not be very nice. As well as birds being killed in front of your eyes you can also choose live fish from a large tank.  However New Zealand has a very different system compared to China. In New Zealand they kill the animals before selling them to the public.  However  if you would love to see birds being killed in front of your eyes and eating super fresh seafood then Luen Wo market in Hong Kong is the right place for you.
Fish - Kevin
If  you like fresh seafood you've come to the right place.  A Market in Hong Kong called Luen wo market has got you covered.  Like me people love fresh seafood that just been caught fresh from the sea “Yummy”. On the other side fish caught in New Zealand is killed on the boat before going to the fish market. In New Zealand shops such as Countdown the seafood has been stored for a long time and so not as fresh as the Luen Wo markets fish at all.

Conclusion - Nuha
Overall we would prefer to buy our food from a market in New Zealand. We think not many New Zealanders would want to see chickens chopped and gutted in front of their eyes. Luen Wo market does not seem very hygienic compared to markets in New Zealand. However the fish in Luen Wo market is super fresh and it would not smell compared to some of the fish you find in New Zealand markets.

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  1. What a nice & impressive comparison. Reminds me about traditional markets in Taiwan, full of different voices (shouting from the stall vendors) and smells. :D