Monday, 7 September 2015

What is it like to go to school in California?

Our twitter friends Room 13 at Somis Elementary School answered our questionnaire about going to school in California. Our responses are in red and theirs are in blue. Where do you think you would prefer to go to school?

What is the name of your school and class?
Room 5 at Halsey Drive School
Room 13 at Somis Elementary School

Where in the world is your school?
Auckland, New Zealand
Somis, California USA

How many classes are there in your school?

Do you wear school uniform?  If so, what colour?
Yes. Green Polo Shirt, Navy shorts, pants or culottes and a navy fleece jacket in Winter
We do not have a school uniform, but have a dress code and we can buy Somis shirts, sweat pants, and jackets.

How many pupils do you have in your school?

How many teachers are there?
22, 2 deputy principals and a principal

How many children in your class?

What is the name of your Head teacher?  Do you have a Deputy Headteacher?
Mrs Davies-Crook is the principal and Mrs Ritchie and Mrs Strang are the deputy teachers
Dr. Robertson is our Superintendent and Dr. Klein Williams is our Assistant Principal.

How old is your school?
The school opened in 1968
The school opened in 1924

Do you have school pets?
Not yet, but soon we will be getting fish for our aquarium

What facilities do you have?
Swimming Pool, Two Playgrounds junior and senior, tigerturf court, sand pit, library, fields
We have a library, a grass field, two playgrounds, a sand pit for volleyball, two basketball courts, two baseball fields, music room and black top.

How many year groups in your school?
10 groups we have transitional kindergarten through eighth grade.

How long is your school day?
8.55am - 3.00pm

How many different nationalities come to your school?
In our class we have NZ European, Samoan, Maori, Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, Fijian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Taiwanese students and our teacher is English
We have hispanic, whites, Filipinos, and Japanese.

What subjects do you do? What languages do you learn?
Maths, Science, Written Language, Reading, Inquiry, Spelling, Handwriting, Dance, PE and we learn Te Reo Maori for our language lesson
Math, Physical Education, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, Music, and Art. We do not have language classes at Somis.

Do you have assembly?
Yes, we have it on Friday afternoons. Each class is responsible for one each week.
Once a month we have Student of the Month Assemblies where we give awards to super students.

Do you have devices such as chromebooks and iPads?
Yes 5 Ipads and 5 Chromebooks and an Apple TV in our class at all times and we can book extra devices
Yes, we have a computer lab, Chromebooks, Computers, 60 inch TV, and Ipads.

Do you have any questions for us?
Do hedgehogs run wild in New Zealand
We do have hedgehogs, but we don’t often see them

Do your students like Star Wars?
6 of the boys in our class like Star Wars

Do you play MineCraft?
21 out of 24 students in our class play minecraft

Do you play football?
We play soccer but not American football

What sports are popular at your school?
Soccer, cricket, netball, hockey, basketball and rugby. Rugby is probably the most popular sport at our school. We play touch rugby not full tackle. A lot of students also play cricket in the summer.

What is your Mascot? We are Somis Stars
We have a bear called Edmund bear who gets awarded to a special student who displays the school values.