Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Awesome Alliteration

In writing we discussed how we can use alliteration as a way to describe characters. Enjoy our attempts at awesome alliteration.

WALT – Use alliteration to describe characters

Arav – Metal monkeys are mental on Monday mornings.

Kishan – Stubborn slugs slither slowly in September.

Ansh – A Lovely, little lonely leprechaun loved luscious lilies.

Dev – Mischievous monkeys munch on Moro and Mars bars. 

Priscilla – Loyal Larry likes to lick luscious lollipops.

Amelia – The mischievous mummy makes a mess in the museum.

Chantelle – Grouchy, greedy goats catch chubby Chihuahua’s in Chile.

Sherlyn – The stubborn starfish stared strangely at the sea serpeant.

Risa – Adventurous Andy ate angry apes

Kalani – The bouncy blowfish blows bubbles in his bathtub

Eli – Clever crocodiles catch canaries and carry the carcasses to the contest.

Israel – Clever and confident Caleb climbs cliffs for cash

Sebastian – Evil Eli the elephant eats eagle’s eggs at Easter.

Jolui – A rusty robot raced to the river without reversing.

Espen – Cautious Chris carried his cookies carefully

Torres – The puffy pigeon pooped pulverised pears

Kevin – Common Californian cobras are clever at catching cats.

Hemish – Angry American apes attack Auckland

Anthony – Silly Sherlyn spoiled Santa’s sleigh

Samarah – Clever Clara fixes cuckoo clocks

Nuha – The perfectly polite pirate had the potential to be president of Peru

Sativa - Mean Mrs Marshall made me make a mistake

Aaliya – The wicked witch whipped her wand at the wizard


  1. I am awfully amazed by all of your astonishing alliteration. (Excuse my half/half alliteration !)

  2. These alliterative sentences are great! I especially liked Nuha's sentence about the pirate president.