Friday, 23 October 2015

My Mechanical Creation by Israel

Here is Israel's narrative inspired by the animation 'Girl and Robot'

My Mechanical Creation by Israel

“Clunk, Clunk” I put some screws and bolts in place. Then I stared at the bulky mechanical creation. It stood in the middle of the laboratory staring blankly at me with its eyes flickering on and off. The ten ft high mechanical oval had short stumpy legs. The hatch in it let me operate and fix him.

My father's plans were scattered all over his wooden tool box. I asked myself “what could have gone wrong?” All those hours spent in the laboratory wasted. I threw the plans across the lab. The plans just bounced off the giant's face. “AARRGGHH” I screeched in frustration.

I twisted the wheel to release steam from the steam tank then went to push the lever again on full pressure. Everything was on full throttle. I thought it was a bit too chaotic so I tried to pull the lever down a rank but the lever snapped. I fell back and hit my head really hard on the steam tank and passed out.

I woke up. A look of terror and confusion formed on my face. I was in the gigantic robot’s hand. The robot's eyes were on but then flickered off. I reached out to touch his face. Its face was as cold as ice. A girder had penetrated the robots back. It struggled to hold the weight of the girder. He had sacrificed his life for me. My mechanical creation was lifeless again.

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